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Online ordering for restaurants,
designed for the new normal.

Cut out the middlemen & increase your bottom line.
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Your restaurant, your customers. Nothing in between.

In the age of online ordering, restaurants are faced with new challenges. Margins are reduced by delivery services, customer no longer have a face, and you’re the one who loses. Thankfully, Restomate is here to help, with low cost solutions to recapture your customers. Without the middleman.  

Frictionless Online Ordering System

  • User friendly interface
  • Seamless order flow
  • Visually appealing menu
  • Detailed and functional backend for restaurant staff
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

Low fixed cost
No fee per order

  • No fees per order
  • Low one time setup fee
  • Low fixed monthly fee
  • Multiple payment processor options
  • Bundles for website and social media available

Flexible Takeout & Delivery options

  • Set time for delivery & pickup
  • Customize delivery zones and rates
  • Disable delivery or pickup at any time
  • Include or omit any menu items for delivery
  • Require minimum order amount for delivery.

Customizable menu to fit your needs

  • Set multiple options for each menu item
  • Disable out of stock items on the fly
  • Customizable options menu
  • Set categories and menu order
  • Add combos and specials

Our additional services

Social Media

Social media management is our thing. You’ve got a business to run, let us handle your social media accounts.

Web Development

In today’s world, maintaining a strong online presence has never been more important. Time to build you a functional website, without breaking the bank.

Graphic Design

Our in house designer has years of experience, combined with world class design talent. Make your logo, posts, and content stand out.


For all your design and print needs, we’ve got a solution for you. Menus, flyers, you name it, we’ve can provide.


High end photography is what your brand deserves. We’re here to make sure your content represents your vision.


Logo redesign, intriguing slogans, eye catching campaigns, if you think your brand needs a makeover, reach out.


Vara Vapor

Full branding and logo design.

Lemon Hart Rum

Social Media Management


Photography and web design.

Pi·Rho Grill

Web Redesign and online ordering integration.

Pi·Rho Grill

Social Media Management.


Brand Redesign.

Reach out, we turn visions into reality

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